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And im not talkin about ridge vent! Let me set the scene, Were a well known roofing and siding company in are area, we have been doing roofing and siding for the last 20 years, established in 1988. Ive been workin like a dog for the last 20 years of my life trying to establish a reputation in my hometown and feel as if i have! I pay taxes,wokemans comp, insurance, state lisc., health insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays, etc. I feel as if i have done everything i can do to FORGE a reputation! Yall know the story. Then one day i see this Contractors sign in my area, an out of place company, this dude has never done work around here before, then i see another and another and another and so on and so on! I cant explain it, were in a resession right? But it continues to grow, this guys signing up 20 homes in a row on the same block, what the $#@# is going on? So i get a call from a lady to build a exterior porch off her back wall. Im thinkin sweet, my phones been dead and i could use a nice job! I check out the job and she has this companys sign on her lawn, and they have new siding and a roof on there home! So i ask her why she chose this contractor for the job? She replies, it was a hail storm in 2008 that damaged my exterior and this guy said it was coverd by her homeowners policy, and they got it! And so did the rest of her block this dude probably made a million on her street alone! Heres my beef,these homes range between 25 and 30 years old, these homes have needed replacement for years! So i decide to check one of them out, one that hasnt been repaired yet, and let me tell ya what there wasnt any signs of storm damage! These dudes are killing us around here! There takin ten years worth of future work from us and theres nothing i can do. They got subs coming here from all over the East coast to do there work! What would you do?
Category: Roofing Post By: BRENDA YOUNG (San Leandro, CA), 03/20/2018

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