Forum Title: Roofer Risks Own Life Balancing 90ft In Air Without Safety Gear
Sometimes when you're in the moment you just don't realize what you're doing. This guy clearly was doing something he shouldn't have been doing. And he paid the price for the errors of his ways.Quote: David Mulholland, 25, was hammering steel beams into position on a building site when he was caught on camera by horrified office workers in an adjacent block.Manchester Magistrates‚ Court heard that they then contacted the Health and Safety Executive. The court was told that Mulholland ‚Äúdidn‚t realise how stupid he was being until he saw the picture‚Äù. He said that the building project was three weeks behind, when on January 21 last year, instead of asking the on-site scaffolder to make the area safe he went ahead to do the job quicker. Investigators from the HSE rushed to the Manchester city centre site and questioned Mulholland, who admitted that he had climbed up to complete the job. Mulholland was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for 18 months, and fined ¬£1,400.He must also pay costs of ¬£2,939.18 and a victim surcharge of ¬£85. Addressing Mulholland at Monday‚s hearing, district judge Nicholas Sanders said: ‚ÄúWhat you were doing was breathtakingly stupid. ‚ÄúIt defies description that you should be doing what you were doing without any protective measures. You chose to turn a blind eye to the fairly obvious risks that existed. ‚ÄúThe only person who was really put at risk in this case was you.‚Äù Mulholland, of Preston, Lancs, pleaded guilty to one charge of contravening a health and safety regulation. After the case, HSE inspector Matt Greenly said: ‚ÄúNever before in my career as an HSE Inspector have I seen such a staggering disregard for personal safety as is demonstrated by the photograph of Mr Mulholland balancing on scaffold tubes in the rain. ‚ÄúIt is a matter of pure luck that no-one was injured or killed by working at height in the manner seen in this image provided by a member of the public. ‚ÄúI would like to thank the person who reported their concern to us as they have been instrumental in saving the lives of Mr Mulholland and arguably anyone below him at that time.‚Äù Source
Category: Roofing Post By: KYLE MUNOZ (Coon Rapids, MN), 01/03/2018

This guy is pretty crazy. You would not catch me doing something like this, not even on a dare. One wrong step and you would be gone from this world in a second. Better to be safe than sorry.

- CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Missoula, MT), 03/02/2018

I've done some pretty stupid things in my time, but nothing like this. Obviously this guy is very sure of his footing. But in the end was it worth it, risking your life and on top of that getting a pretty big fine.

- MARIO HOWELL (Terre Haute, IN), 04/05/2018

This person is either really sure of himself or he has some kind of death wish. If my boss caught me doing something like this I wouldn't have a job after it. Safety equipment is there for a reason, use it.

- WANDA FOSTER (Madison, WI), 05/15/2018

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