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There are a lot of communities and households that don't appreciate when people come up to their door and try to sell them something uninvited. They may also post signs that say no solicitation, and these are not to be ignored. In some places if you violate this, it can be legally enforced.Quote: Several homeowners claim a big roofing company ignores their ‚Äòno solicitation‚ signs and invades their neighborhoods with door to door sales in Orange County, so they called Action 9 for help. Action 9 reporter Todd Ulrich found some sales bans can be enforced, but not every time. He confronted the roofing company for answers. An Orange County community along East Colonial Drive is posted with ‚Äòno solicitation‚ signs. So when five trucks from Jasper Contractors arrived with sales pitches, Colonial Woods HOA president Rocky Ward told them to get out, but that didn‚t work. ‚ÄúThey pretty much laughed in our face and told us we didn't know what we were talking about,‚Äù Ward said. Ward told Action 9 this is not the first time this has happened. Last year, the HOA found trucks in the neighborhood from Jasper Contractors and its employees were going door-to-door to sell new roofs. Consumer experts said most companies honor solicitation bans as the ethical thing to do, but Florida law allows door-to-door selling for a future consumer service, like a new roof. ‚ÄúSome companies ignore the signs, and for them, it means nothing to them.‚Äù Action 9 found that at a gated community, the sign can be legally enforced, since the company has no legal right to enter. At your home, ‚Äòno solicitation‚ signs are considered a legitimate sales ban. But Ocoee homeowner Jeanne Hamilton told Action 9 that same Jasper Contractors businessshowed up at her hometo sell a roof, even though she had a ‚Äòno solicitation‚ sign posted right on the front door. ‚ÄúIt means I don't want people knocking on my door, and hanging things on my door.What they did is ridiculous, they don‚t care,‚Äù Hamilton said. At Jasper Contractor‚s Orlando office an employee told Action 9 only someone from the main corporate office in Atlanta could respond to our questions. The company never returned Action 9‚s phone calls. If a company ignores a no solicit sign, people can file a police report, but enforcement depends on where you live. Some HOA‚s with security guards can issue trespass warnings if the signs are posted. Door-to-door sales permits are required in Florida, but not for future services, like new roofs. Source
Category: Roofing Post By: CARMEN MATTHEWS (El Paso, TX), 02/07/2018

Our company is really carefulabout this kind of thing. It doesn't make sense to bother people if they have a sign like that. Most, if not all of the time you won't get a sale out of them.

- DANIEL C (Seattle, WA), 03/17/2018

Gentlemen, I COMPLETELY disagree. I've been in the door to door business for a while and that's all I do; go door to door. The signs are suggestions. No trespassing is a completely different thing. I always acknowledge the sign in my initial pitch to the homeowner. Other people that go door to door, that are pushy and rude, give pro's like me a bad rap. Those same pushy sales people are why homeowners invest in those signs. There's always the real reason on why people don't want door to door people coming by; someone in that household can't tell people no. For us door to door guys, that's 50% odds. Those signs might as well say VICTIM.

- PERRY ROJAS (Merced, CA), 04/09/2018

I‚ve never had one of those signs on my door. I‚ll gladly listen to anyone that‚s selling the newest contraption. I more than likely won‚t buy it however.

- CARRIE LAWSON (Layton, UT), 04/12/2018

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