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Which way do you flash your chimney's or brick walls...I have never seen the surface mount technique. Hasanyone had any luck with that method?A. SURFACE MOUNT COUNTER FLASHINGB. THROUGH - WALL COUNTER FLASHING
Category: Roofing Post By: DOUGLAS ROBERTS (Albany, GA), 02/11/2018

Chimney flashing needs a 2 part system to allow for the movement ofclay structure of the chimney and the wood structure surrounding itcaused by expansion and contraction as weather changes and when youheat up the chimney while in use. There needs to be a step-flashingthat gets nails on the roof and lays up against the side of the chimney,and a separate counter-flashing that gets mortared in the chimney to hangdown over the step-flashing to maintain a water tight seal, yet allow forthis movement. This is why caulking the flashing is futile and will separate before long.If it is flashed right there should be no need to caulk it.

- SHAWN SULLIVAN (White Plains, NY), 03/04/2018

I just learned quite a few things and I am glad I read this. When I looked at the graphs I was like uhh whaaa? hahaThanks roofguy for going through that all.

- KARL DOMINGUEZ (Bakersfield, CA), 04/05/2018

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