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the economy is bad right now,yeah folks are scared,I get it. I'm in the work lurch.I started my ?career? in const. in 1968.first job was shoveling rock out of the bed of A pick-up into A wheel barrow.I was brother who was 8 pushe the 1/2 full wheel barrow to the porch job,was on the Zayres building on dixie.big repairs under the A/C units.pitch pans,re-set hardware.same for the old timey sign bases. I've been in this back breaking,man making trade for 40 years.from sticks to stacks, the bull bucket told you the pride of the roofer.Karnak,if you used the black bucket with the blue and white label you weren?t A south dade didn't have an airboat,or A hound dog and you didn't finish the day with A bud. you sold your job,or maybe had someone who called the wife during the day and they ran your calls. you couldn't leave the were the final say. now,I'm on the other end.I understand economy.the secretary,the marketing and advertising. well now any and every co. It'seems wants to put 20 people on the storm,no real damage and they want them to pitch the ?we can assess your roof,you may have damage from previous storms.we?ll try to shove it in your ins. co?s.arse? that is a sad state of affairs.if you?ve got legit leads,or have an ins. co feeding you leads for roofs that were in arbritration from the hurricanes,thats one thing. yet to send folks to the same neighborhoods over and over and harrass gotta be kidding me. when did this start? who started it?I am looking for A job.I Don't have A problem networking,running leads,maybe see legit damage from the road,stop,knock and make contact. but to go door to door. ?hi,I work for schmuckley roofing,your roof looks great,but can I still break it off in your bung?? and now const. co?s are trying to hustle anything.can you imagime,you go d/d for 8 hrs. straight comm. sell one door knob and get 10 % .of 15 dollars.
Category: Roofing Post By: AARON BROOKS (Somerville, MA), 03/15/2018

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